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I am an Entertainment Design and User Experience
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Web Development + User Interface Consulting

During the design creation, we define the core meaning of the product with a powerful psychology tool. The 15 core meanings are scientifically proved to be universal among people’s values. This means that there is a certain consistency among human needs that transcends the distinctions of culture and language. We focus on bringing these Values to light in our Designs and User flows.

Corporate Websites
E-Commerce Websites
UX & UI Design
iOS / Android Mobile Apps
Digital Strategy

Visual Design

With more than 8 years in the Entertainment Industry i have garnerd a wide variety of Tools that allow us to streamline fast sketches to detailed designs and story driven illustrations. Using a variety of Instrusty methods for creating great concepts, working with close client feedback and using our broad skillset and experience to develop breathtaking originaltiy.

Concept Art
3D + Motion Graphics

Branding Services

I work with brands and agencies,  on small to large scale projects, developing sophisticated and sustainable design solutions.

"Go deep. Go distinct! Tell a story.!" Everything we create resonates from the initial principles (DNA) your company is based on, the way you talk to your customers, the way people perceive you as a company and the way you look as a whole Corporate Identity.

Corporate Branding
Fashion & Luxury Branding
Graphic Design
Print Design
" Trust - is the currency of my brand "


Creative and Technology Partner for Growing Brands

The first stage of the Design Thinking process is to gain an empathic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. This involves consulting experts to find out more about the area of concern through observing, engaging and empathizing with people to understand their experiences and motivations, as well as immersing yourself in the physical environment so you can gain a deeper personal understanding of the issues involved and the Users needs.


Define the ISSUE

User Story Centric

We then analyse our observations and synthesise them in order to define the core problems that we have identified up to this point.

The Define stage will help the designers gather great ideas to establish features, functions, and any other elements that will allow them to solve the problems or, at the very least, allow users to resolve issues themselves with the minimum of difficulty.

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With this solid background, we can now start to "think outside the box" to identify new solutions to the problem statements we have established.

We focus on Brainstorm and Worst Possible Idea sessions typcally used to stimulate free thinking and to expand the problem space. It is important to get as many ideas or problem solutions as possible at the beginning of the Ideation phase



Quick foundation

The design team will now produce a number of inexpensive, scaled down versions of the product or specific features found within the product, so they can investigate the problem solutions generated in the previous stage.

This is an experimental phase, and the aim is to identify the best possible solution for each of the problems identified. The solutions are implemented within the prototypes, and, one by one, they are investigated and either accepted, improved and re-examined, or rejected on the basis of the users’ experiences.



Re - iterate

Once we have a date picked, we stick to it. Working backwards from the due date with the rest of our product launch and development plan.

Results from the testing phase may reveal some insights about users, which in turn may lead to another brainstorming session (Ideate) or the development of new prototypes (Prototype). Once we agree on a certain timeframe we can then start launching the product and evaluate the gathered data.

Looking for Designers on a new Project?

Contact this Munich based creative-/ art direction and consultancy practice specialized in visual identities for brands and publications, image creation and design across all platforms for international institutions in IT, Culture, Fashion, Games and the Arts.


Latest Projects

Learn how to get started with webflow interactions.

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.


Learn how to get started with webflow interactions.

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.


Learn how to get started with webflow interactions.

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

dicevisuals_design project
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Siemens AG - June Light Smart Battery
Optimized home consumption of a photovoltaic system.

Style Guide Vue Framework/ Web, IOS, Andriod Application

Establishing and Consulting Guidelines for companies such as Siemens. Maintaining their red tape within the CI of the company but also breakaway creatively with new user experience flows and design choices. Importance lies in the ease of Access of the software since teams and individuals alike are using the Platform - User testing comes into play here.

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dicevisuals_design project
Siemens AG Smart App - IOS + Andriod Application

The Junelight Smart App gives you access to clear, concise information about the energy flows in your smart home: Monitor in real time the charging status of your battery, the performance of your photovoltaic system, the power consumption of your household appliances, and the sale of electricity to the grid.

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dicevisuals_design project
Alpha Shop - Style Guide
Create Brand / UI Guidelines for Landing Pages to catch peoples eyes and keep interest high for more conversion on the Site. Keeping their  Visual statement bold and inline with their brands beliefs.
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Premium German Car Manufacturer / Designaffairs - Dashboard UI-UX Design

Focus lied on Pixel Perfect Execution for the Brand - Being part of the pre production small design team we branched out in different Design Directions to narrow into what the Client was searching for.

Complimenting the implementation UX-UI team and Project Planning on the Electric Car gave me a better understanding of Largescale products with multiple nodes points of complexity. The vehicle interior is based on five displays, multimodal voice control, and a minimum number of buttons. All of that, in addition to the curved Instrument Cluster, the Head Unit, the Sub Unit in the center console area and an optional touch display in the rear.

The process demands a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills. It requires an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and the ability to synthesize vast amounts of information.

On this project the role entailed Project Management, UX Research, UI Design Wireframing, 3d Rendering and Iconography
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Inner Recon - CI, UI Styleguide , Web Framework

Here the Client needed an initial brand identity and web framework. Working closely with programmers to get an understanding of their backend and impliment a functional frontend
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Design Affairs - Near Future Art Direction

Intention was to visualise different paths the world would take in terms of development based on Emmission goals and Scientific Focus
dicevisuals_design project
dicevisuals_design project
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Redbull Music -
Establishing a Visual Direction for their new Branch of Electronic Music Events in Collaboration with Mixed Munich Arts - Redbull Overtone
dicevisuals_design project
Zero -F Landing Page
Here the Argument was made that the previous website did not respond well on the grounds and rentation-analysis of time spend reviewing data within the site. A Restructure of Visual Clarity and focal point was therefor proposed.
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Themis Security - Style Guide, Product Design
Many Different Approaches from Photography to building 3d Libraries have been considered while developing the Style that Advanced Technologie Munich wanted to focus on.
dicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design projectdicevisuals_design project
Illustrations - Coming Soon


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Research Material

Addiontional Book recommendations:

Improving-Interface-Design - Webvisions
User Interface Design Bridging the Gab between User Requirements and Design
UX - Storytellers
UX - Design Process and Documentation
UX Toolbox - Building Better Web for Citizens
Service - design is making sense
The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping
Design Systems - A practical guide to creating design languages for digital products.

Why this is important:

Many times you find the awnsers your looking for within the confines of anothers perception of life. Taking the time to partake in other vantage points and understand the foundations of design is a must.
We sometimes forget the basics in the pursuit of complexity. Here are some written pieces i find valuable to the industry. Enjoy and please get back to me if you have recommendations of your own.


"Working with Dicevisuals was a treat. Coming into the team at the beginning will a plethora of initial ideas and establishing a strong foundation with a full design system"

Susanne Forster ( Lead User Interface Developer)


"They knew exactly what we wanted within a few discussions and delivered with ease. We had a alot of iterations yet they stayed on diligently on task."

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